3 easy tips to boost SEO results!

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a much needed way to help you increase organic traffic to your website by obtaining a high placement in organic search results of a search engine. No one searches the second page on Google, so ranking highky for your chosen keywords is a must.

This is important because having a high ranking in search results increases your brand’s visibility, and therefore, increases organic visitors to your website. Organic website is the pathway to your site without advertising on search or social. People type in their keywords to a search engine and up you pop. This doesn’t happen by accident. It can take a bit of work.

So where do you start if you are looking to boost your SEO?

1. Keywords: You want to target keyword themes by aligning the broader content of your businesses’ site to those target keywords. 

2. Website Performance: Is your website easy for a visitor to navigate? How easy is it for the search engine to crawl? How fast will it load?

3. is your website optimised for mobile? It needs to be, otherwise you will be missing out on much needed traffic and search results.

Things that can affect a visitor’s experience is slow site speed, server errors and not being mobile optimised.  Ultimately improving your SEO is not a once off marketing program, it’s a continuous and ongoing element of your marketing.

Reviewing your SEO plan regularly is an important habit to develop in creating a successful online presence!

These three simple SEO tips are a good place to start, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Speak to us today if you’d like to know more ways to improve your websites performance, boost organic traffic and improve your SEO.

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