Influencer Strategies

Influencer Strategies

Influencer Strategies


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Social strategy for influencers - marzipan media
Social strategy for influencers - marzipan media -social media training


It's not easy maintaining your influential community. Many influencers will know it becomes a full time job and retaining your edge can be hard. Marzipan Media can provide social media analysis to better define an ongoing strategy for your brand to help support and strengthen the rapidly growing social media community .

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We’ve worked alongside comedian and writer Celeste Barber, actress Kat Stewart and personal trainer and author Tegan Haining to help better define their Instagram audiences and provide strategic social media support. 

Celeste Barber came to us looking for brands to align with. We were able to segment data and work closely with her management team to better identify opportunities and provide data backed insights to her audience  reach 

We were able to help Tegan Haining and other small business get started with social media by providing a deeper understanding of her audiences. This advice changed the way Tegan conducts her daily social media routine putting in place smart changes to get organised, reach goals and produce content more efficiently.

Together we’re enabling a solid foundation to build a long term business, driven by an active social media strategy and targeted social media sales. 

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